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Pajaro Village Neighbors are Here for You

Your Pajaro Village Homeowners Association board of directors has reached out to neighbors who are willing to help anyone facing hardship during this national health crisis and shelter-in-place orders. 

Thanks to the generous spirit of so many of our neighbors, we have created a “task force” of people who will make sure that no one is without the help they need in the next several weeks.



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Do you need help:

  • Getting groceries or cooked food?
  • Picking up prescriptions?
  • Walking your dog?
  • Communicating with your doctor?
  • Anything else?

These neighbors are willing to run errands or provide other help if you are sheltering in place and need assistance:

Karen Clark — 831-706-0037

Bob Leonard — 831-228-9690

Steven Caldwell — 831-818-1983

Sandie Martinez — 831-240-5803

Steve Trujillo — 831-479-4159

Patsy Panek — 831-761-9446

Keith Winkelman — 831-536-5899

In addition, we have two neighbors who are willing to take your phone calls, and get the information to others who can run errands:

Josette Winkler — 831-786-8865

If you’re willing to be part of this team, please call Karen Clark and we’ll add you to the list. And if you’re one of those people who already is helping your neighbors who can’t get out to do errands… THANK YOU!

Delivery & Curbside Pick-up Services:

  • Nob Hill Online Shopping for Seniors – Their website has information and their FAQ page teaches you how to order online.
  • Safeway seniors 65+ have exclusive shopping hours 6-9am on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Costco seniors 60+ have exclusive shopping hours 8-9am on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
  • CVS is offering delivery service.

Please reach out if you need assistance. We’re all in this together!